Hi! My name is Gina.....

Gina McDonald


I'm the owner of Elizabeth James Creations.

I was born in Ashton-under lyne, a small town in Greater Manchester which is where my
story begins of becoming an Artist. As a child art was always a big part of my life
It all started with my Great Grandma when i was 5 years old, and she showed me
how to draw a simple teacup.As basic as it was, it fascinated me and i was compelled
to continue practicing, attempting to get my drawing to replicate the object as i much as
I possibly could.
It wasn't until the start of high school where my uncle taught me how to see simple
shapes in everyday objects. With this technique it made it much simpler to draw more
complicated subjects.
Art was always my favourite subject to study and i left high school
with the highest grades achievable.

I left high school to further my passion in college, but a week before the begining of
term i fell ill and was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND),
a condition believed to be brought on by an inability to cope with stress that causes the
body to suffer Psuedo seizures. As with most newly diagnosed disorders adapting to it
took time, and for me it meant college and my passion for art, was left behind.

In 2016, we decided that it was time to leave the hustle and bustle of the city
and search for a more stress free living. With Scotland in our hearts, we closed our
eyes and pointed at the map.
Our finger landed on Ayrshire!
We found a house and made the 220 mile journey from our home
town to Bellsbank, Dalmellington.

The Beauty and tranquility of the area brought with it everything we had hoped for.
With a more peaceful state of mind, surrounded by woodland, lochs and an abundance of
wildlife, i found myself once again eager to pick up my pencil and draw.

As an artist, i predominantly produce animal portraits creating both my own designs (like
the 'Petal Pig Collection', and customer commissions. My main mediums consist of graphite
and charcoal.
Additionally, i produce some art pieces using an ancient technique called pyrography, in
which i use a tool similiar to that of a soldering iron, which enables me to burn images
into various materials including wood and paper. Pyrography is an art that i have only
recently discovered myself, after my mum had introduced it to me just before i left
Manchester. Her friend had taken it up as a hobby and she had thought that it would be
something I'd like to 'give-a-go'.Both my mum and family friend put together to
purchase my first pyrography pen. There was no way i was getting out of trying it!
When things began to settle after the big move and my artistic juices started flowing
again, i began to experiment with this new technique, and I instamtly fell in love.
Currently, my pyrography portfolio consist of only a few artworks, this is due to how
long it can take to do each piece.

As off 2019, i will not only be trading online but via my retail premises in Dalmellington
where it will be a studio for me to work in, a shop to purchase art, a community corner
for other local artists and crafters to sell their work and a creative table for people
of all ages to come in and explore whatever mediums we have in store.

  • Hazel Kidd on

    Such a talented lady with a heart of gold & a lovely family. xxx

  • Gina McDonald on

    Thank you Kirsty, we’re really excited and nervous. Cannot wait!

  • Kirsty Mccullagh on

    Aw Gina so pleased for you xx can’t wait to see and visit your shop xxxx wish you all the best in your adventure x

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