Highland Wisp
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Highland Wisp

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The will o' the wisp (spunkie) is said to be of quite modern appearance, a mischievous creature of light found in Scottish legend. Notorious for luring weary travellers into the dangerous bogs in and around Lochs leading to some victims never to be seen again. In some rare sightings, a dark figure has been seen carrying the light, as if it was a torch or a lantern. Despite carrying a light, the figure is always too dark to be described in detail.

This piece was created to bring back the long forgotten Scottish folklore surrounding these mystical entities, the driftwood sculpture was carved and moulded by the Scottish waters, cleaned and prepared and then mounted onto a metal tube that is then mounted onto another driftwood piece which on close inspection still shows nails impaled into the wood. light oil is then added to darken the wood and preserved in wax.

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